Magicalift 34g 4mm Meso Needle With CE Support

The Magicalift 34g 4mm Meso Needle with CE Support is an innovative Meso needle for mesotherapy treatments. Developed with the latest technology and with the highest quality materials, this needle provides the most effective and efficient way to deliver mesotherapy treatments. It has a unique design that allows for precise control over the depth and amount of the medications being administered.

The 34g needle size is a special 4mm diameter that ensures a perfect fit into the skin and an ultra-smooth surface that allows for effortless and painless injections. With CE Support, the Magicalift 34g 4mm Meso Needle is a safe and reliable option for mesotherapy treatments.

34g 4mm needle
34g 4mm needle

34g 4mm Needle Advantages

A 34-gauge (34G) 4mm needle is a very fine and short needle commonly used for specific purposes in medical procedures, such as insulin injections and certain aesthetic procedures. Here are a few advantages of using a 34G 4mm needle:

  • Minimized pain and discomfort: The small 34g needle size reduces the sensation of pain during injections. The fine gauge and short length helps to minimize nerve stimulation and discomfort for patients.

  • Reduced risk of bruising and bleeding: The smaller 34 gauge needle diameter reduces the risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site. This is particularly advantageous in areas with delicate or sensitive skin, such as the face.

  • Precise and targeted injections: The fine gauge of the 34g 4mm needle allows for precise and targeted injections. This is especially beneficial when administering small volumes of medication or fillers in specific areas that require accuracy, such as tear troughs or lips.

  • Improved control and visibility: The shorter length of the 34 gauge hypodermic needle provides better control and visibility for the injector. This is particularly advantageous when working in smaller or more confined spaces.

  • Faster injection and reduced injection site reactions: The small size of the 34 g needle allows for faster injections compared to larger needles. Additionally, the reduced trauma to the tissue caused by the smaller 34g needle size may lead to fewer injection site reactions, such as swelling and redness.

Features of Magicalift 34g 4mm Meso Needle With CE Support

  • Medical-grade 34 g needle designed for mesotherapy treatments.

  • 34g needle size

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel for strength and durability.

  • CE support ensures compliance with European safety standards.

  • Suitable for use on the face, neck, and body.

Specification of Magicalift 34g 4mm Meso Needle With CE Support

34 gauge needle diameter

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China
Brand Name:Magicalift
Model Number:Needles
Disinfecting Type:EOS
Properties:Injection & Puncture Instrument
34 Gauge Needle Diameter:13*9*8.7cm(100pieces/box)
Shelf Life:3 years
Material:Stainless steel
Quality Certification:CE
Instrument classification:Class III
Safety standard:None
Product name:disposable hypodermic Mesotherapy needle
Certificate:CE ISO
OEM & ODM:Acceptable
Feature:Industry-standard color-coded hubs.

34g Needle Size Benefits

  • A 34-gauge hypodermic needle is an extremely fine and thin needle commonly used in medical and laboratory settings for various purposes. The gauge of a needle refers to its diameter, with a higher gauge number indicating a smaller and thinner needle. Here are some potential benefits of using a 34g Needle size:

  • Minimized Pain: Due to the small 34g needle size, a 34 g needle can cause minimal pain or discomfort during insertion. This makes it particularly useful for procedures that require injections or sampling where patient comfort is a priority.

  • Reduced Trauma: The small diameter of a 34 g needle can help minimize tissue trauma during insertion. This is important for delicate procedures, such as administering injections in sensitive areas or performing procedures on fragile or thin tissues.

  • Precise Injections: Fine-gauge needles like the 34g 4mm needle can provide healthcare professionals with greater control and precision during injections. This is especially beneficial when dealing with small or intricate injection sites.

  • Limited Scarring: Smaller needles are less likely to cause significant tissue damage, which can contribute to reduced scarring at the injection site. This is particularly relevant for cosmetic procedures or treatments that require multiple injections over time.

  • Less Risk of Bleeding: The small size of a 34-gauge needle can potentially result in less bleeding during and after needle insertion. This can be beneficial for patients who are at risk of bleeding complications.

It's important to note that while there are clear benefits to using a 34g needle size in specific situations, there are also limitations. These needles may not be suitable for all types of injections or procedures, especially those that require the delivery of thicker or larger volumes of fluids. Additionally, very fine needles can be more prone to bending or breaking, requiring careful handling.

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