Hyaluronic Acid Chin/Jaw Filler

Filling the chin with hyaluronic acid is to inject hyaluronic acid into the chin to repair the problem of no chin and double chin. By injecting hyaluronic acid into the chin to make the chin thinner, it is widely used in plastic surgery. Yes, it is generally well compatible after injection and filling, the probability of rejection is relatively low, and the ideal surgical effect can be achieved. After the operation, the chin of the beauty seeker will become more beautiful and plump, and the facial image will be improved.

Hyaluronic acid chin enhancement uses hyaluronic acid as a filling material and injects it into the chin area through a special syringe. The hyaluronic acid is purified, and the injection is made by the doctor according to the contour of the beauty seeker's personal face. Because hyaluronic acid exists in the human body itself, hyaluronic acid will fuse with the natural components of the human body after injection to achieve the most natural and harmonious beauty.

Although hyaluronic acid chin augmentation is a good coup, certain protection is necessary for chin augmentation surgery. It is also necessary to protect the chin after hyaluronic acid augmentation. The main thing is not to touch the injection site; before the initial swelling and redness are relieved, avoid extreme injections. hot or extremely cold locations.

After adding hyaluronic acid to your chin, you should also pay attention to the following:

1. After injection, there will be slight redness, swelling, itching, and the phenomenon of tactile granules on the epidermis is normal according to the individual's constitution.

2. Do not press the injection site within one week after injection, and work with moisturizing to promote the effect.

3. Please avoid touching the injection area within 6 hours after injection. During this period, you can gently use water and soap to clean and remove makeup slightly.

4. Before the initial swelling and redness disappear, please avoid places that are extremely hot (sauna or sunbathing) or extremely cold (such as swimming, etc.).

5. Do not take aspirin or other similar drugs, which will increase the possibility of bruising or bleeding in the injection area of hyaluronic acid augmentation chin.

Hyaluronic acid chin augmentation procedure:

1. Surgical process: After the patient's needs and the doctor reach a consensus, the doctor begins to administer the injection.

2. Pre-operation preparation: Before the operation, the doctor will first understand the needs of the patient and communicate in detail to reach a consensus between the two parties.

3. After the operation: Immediately after the chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid, the chin is shaped and the operation is complete. Guests can rest for a while, or go home to rest.

The effectiveness of hyaluronic acid chin augmentation surgery: 

Generally, it can last for about 8 months to more than 2 years, and the appearance is natural. Hyaluronic acid chin enhancement is low cost. The hyaluronic acid chin augmentation surgery is performed under local anesthesia, which lasts about 1 hour and does not require stitches to be removed after the operation. Swelling will subside within 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. No hospitalization is required.

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