Magicalift 22g 50mm 70mm Micro Fine Blunt Tip Cannulas With CE Support

Magicalift 21g 50mm 70mm blunt cannula needle is an innovative dermal filler cannula designed to make cannulation easy and efficient. Blunt tip cannula filler features a patented design that provides an ergonomic grip and superior control while cannulating. The needle is made of high-grade stainless steel, making it durable and reliable. The blunt tip reduces the risk of tissue damage and trauma, while the three-dimensional design increases the amount of fluid that can be drawn in each cannulation.

Additionally, this magicalift cannula is available in three different lengths: 50mm, 70mm, and 90mm. The shorter length of the cannula 22g 50mm allows for easier access and maneuverability in smaller areas, while the longer length of the 70mm and 90mm needles provides greater reach and accuracy. With its unique design, the Magicalift 21g 50mm 70mm blunt magicalift cannula needle offers an easy and reliable way to perform cannulation quickly and accurately.

blunt tip cannula filler
blunt tip microcannula needle for fillers
blunt tip cannula filler
blunt tip microcannula needle for fillers

Features of Magicalift 22g 50mm 70mm Micro Fine Blunt Tip Cannulas

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel

  • Different sizes available

  • Sterile package

  • A special design is available

  • Round tip and hole to avoid any damage

  • With graduation or without graduation

Blunt Tip Cannula Vs Needle

  • Blunt-tip cannula fillers are used as an alternative to traditional sharp needles for several reasons:

  • Reduced risk of injury: The rounded tip of a blunt tip cannula filler is less likely to damage blood vessels, nerves, or other sensitive structures during the injection process compared to a sharp needle. This can minimize the risk of bruising, bleeding, and nerve damage.

  • Enhanced precision: Blunt-tip magicalift cannulas allow for more controlled and precise placement of injectable dermal fillers. The flexibility of the magicalift cannula enables it to navigate through tissues with greater ease, reducing the chances of overfilling or creating irregularities.

  • Minimized pain and discomfort: Blunt-tip microcannula needles for fillers often result in less pain and discomfort for the patient compared to sharp needles. The microcannula's design and flexibility can provide a more comfortable injection experience, as it may cause less tissue trauma.

  • Decreased swelling and downtime: The use of a blunt-tip dermal filler cannula has been associated with reduced post-treatment swelling and shorter recovery times compared to sharp hypodermic injection needles. The decreased tissue trauma from cannula injections can contribute to these benefits.

  • Blunt-tip cannulas are commonly used for various facial aesthetic treatment procedures, such as the administration of lip dermal filler, cheek dermal fillers, and mouth wrinkle treatment. They are also utilized in other areas of the body for procedures like Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers for Buttock Enhancement and hand rejuvenation.

Essential details of Magicalift 22g 50mm 70mm Micro Fine Blunt Tip Cannulas With CE Support

Disinfecting Type:EOS
Properties:Injection & Puncture Instrument
Size:18G -30G
Shelf Life:3 years
Material:Stainless, Stainless Steel
Quality Certification:CE
Instrument classification:Class III
Safety standard:None
Product name:Cannula Needle
Usage:Skin Care Treatments
Certificate:CE ISO
OEM & ODM:Acceptable
Gauge:18G -30G

Why Use a Blunt Tip Cannula With Dermal Fillers?

When it comes to OEM dermal fillers, the use of blunt-tip cannulas has become increasingly popular among both patients and practitioners alike. Unlike traditional needles, blunt-tip microcannula needles for fillers have a rounded tip, helping to minimize tissue trauma and providing greater precision when administering the filler.

One of the major benefits of using a microcannula is that it minimizes tissue trauma during the injection process. Unlike traditional needles, the blunt tip cannula creates a small opening in the skin, and gently glides through the tissue layers, without cutting through them, reducing the chances of bruising, swelling, or injury.

The cannula's unique design ensures that the dermal filler product is deposited just where it is needed with care and precision, and an added bonus is that it can take fewer entry points to deliver the desired results.

Another advantage of using the blunt tip cannula is that it provides higher comfort levels for patients during the treatment. The cannula tip is blunt, so it does not tear the tissue, nor does it cause pain or discomfort. In fact, since it causes less physical trauma, a numbing cream may not have to be used, and the procedure can be faster and fewer injections means reduced discomfort.

Precision is paramount with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and this is another area in the blunt tip cannula that outperforms traditional needles. With the cannula's unique design, fillers can be applied to exact areas, form precise lines, or create structured contours. This makes it easier for practitioners to provide results for their patients with greater consistency.

Using a blunt-tip cannula also allows for the treatment of delicate areas that a traditional needle cannot access. This includes areas around the eyes, under the nose, and in the temple region. This ability to use the cannula needle in areas that are typically more challenging with traditional needles makes it an attractive option for many patients.

Due to reduced tissue trauma, patients experience minimal swelling, bruising, and discomfort after the treatment, and recovery is faster. Most patients can get back to their daily routine immediately after the procedure and there is little to no downtime, which is especially important for those who have busy schedules.

Using a blunt-tip microcannula needle for fillers is undeniably safer and more efficient than using a traditional needle with a sharp tip. It offers several advantages such as reducing tissue trauma, increased precision, and reduced discomfort, which are attractive to patients and practitioners alike.

Choosing to use a blunt-tip microcannula needle for fillers comes down to safety, effectiveness, and patient comfort. These benefits cannot be achieved by using traditional needles and are what has made the blunt tip cannula the preferred choice in many reputable clinics around the world.

The Best Cannula Injection Sites For Dermal Fillers

When it comes to dermal filler injections using a magicalift cannula, the specific injection sites can vary depending on the individual's anatomy, the desired results, and the area being treated. However, there are some common cannula injection sites that are frequently used by medical professionals. Here are a few examples:

  • Nasolabial folds: The nasolabial folds are the lines that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Magicalift cannula injections can be performed at various points along these folds to help smooth and reduce their appearance.

  • Marionette lines: Marionette lines are the vertical lines that extend downward from the corners of the mouth. Magicalift cannula injections can be done in this area to soften these lines and restore a more youthful appearance.

  • Cheeks: Magicalift cannula injections can be used to enhance the cheeks and restore volume in this area. The cannula can be inserted through a small entry point near the hairline or inside the mouth to deliver the filler to the desired locations.

  • Tear troughs: The tear troughs are the hollowed areas under the eyes. Magicalift cannula injections can be used to address under-eye bags, dark circles, and hollowing in this area.

  • Jawline: The jawline can be contoured and enhanced using cannula injections. Entry points for the cannula can be made near the earlobes or inside the mouth, allowing the filler to be distributed along the jawline.

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